JMV Divyang Rehab India Moti Nagar Boriya Khurd Raipur C.G..

Address:-House No.6482,Ward 54,Old Dhamtari Road Near Sharda Petrol Pump,Moti Nagar Boriya Khurd Raipur C.G.

Contact No. 09630497015


Proprietor:- Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Our Services:-

  • Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs
  • Calipers & Splints
  • Casmetic Finger,Ear,Nose,Etc..

Our Products 

Artificial Limbs

  • Below Knee Prosthesis 
  • Above Knee Prosthesis
  • Through Knee Prosthesis 
  • Below Elbow Prosthesis(Mechanical)
  • Below Elbow Prosthesis(Myo)
  • Above Elbow Prosthesis(Mechanical)
  • Above Elbow Prosthesis(Myo)
  • Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis 


  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis 
  • Hip Knees Ankle Orthosis
  • Floor Reaction Orthosis
  • Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis

Cosmetic Restoration

  • Silicon Finger
  • Silicon Nose & Ear
  • Silicon Gloves 
  • Silicon Foot

Foot Care 

  • Pelite Insole
  • Silicon Insole
  • Diabetic Shoes 

Splint & Brace

  • Knee Brace 
  • Hip Abduction Brace 
  • All Types Of Facture Braces 
  • Spinal Corset
  • AFO Static 
  • Spinal Jacket
  • Taylor Brace 
  • Boston Brace 
  • Aeroplane Splint 
  • Dynamic Cockup Splint
  • Static Cockup Splint
  • DB Splint
  • CTEV Splint 

नकली हाथ व पैर
पोलियो कैलिपर्स
फूट केयर
स्पाईनल सपोर्ट
ब्रेस व स्प्लिंट
कॉस्मेटिक उंगली(कान ,नाक ,आदि)

Prosthetic & Orthotics Appliances Product Raipur

नकली हाथ पैर Supplier Raipur 

आर्टिफिशियल सिलिकॉन फिंगर Supplier Raipur 


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